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Dr. Monica Breaux offers private counseling for individuals, couples, and families by phone, videoconferencing, or in her office at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic church in Tempe AZ. Although she is able to address MANY other issues, her expertise is in sexual addiction and pornography compulsion.  More information and contact information can be found at

  CMGBooking.com  or at   CatholicSpeakers.com  or   CatholicTherapists.com
  Please schedule appointments for counseling/spiritual direction using this link
WEBSITE: drmonicabreaux.com
These programs were created by Dr. Breaux who is a therapist and speaker.​

WHOLLY MEN is an educational program for men who want to learn to help themselves or other men regain masculine confidence with strategies to cope with strong emotions and impulses. No one is untouched by the devastating effects of pornography.  If you ask yourself, "What caused this problem?" and "What can I do about it?" then you can be part of the solution. This spiritual battle could be affecting you, your father, your son, or your friend. Hundreds of men have used one of these 40 tools to reduce and eliminate their pornography compulsions.

WHOLLY WOMEN is a brief educational program for ladies to learn the basics of supporting Wholly Men as leaders in the fight against the pornography plague.  Sexual sin affects women in drastically different ways, but many of these same approaches can help. Women must surrender their delusions that “sex is the most important expression of love” if they are to escape the prison of codependent sex addiction. Trust is the issue women struggle to address more than any other, often confused by disordered ideas of what can repair damaged trust in relationships. Many women have suffered from  HARMFUL  advice to act as accountability partners for their men. See http://www.sanon.org/sanonchecklist.html and http://www.cosa-recovery.org/behaviors.html  for help.
Our Catholic values offer us the keys to restoring the damaged soul. With years of experience, Dr. Monica Breaux integrates Catholic principles into practical spiritual direction guidelines for embracing radical integrity. 

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"I tried several different betrayal trauma recovery programs before finding Wholly Men and Dr. Breaux. I used to live in a constant state of worry and fear before finding Dr. Breaux, and I had little hope of that ever changing. Her program has taught me how to live independently from the sins of sexual addiction. I feel like I have a real life again, and I'm able to find joy and peace in my days. Thank you so much, Dr. Breaux!"  Katie in Virginia