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Dr. Breaux explains Wholly Men + Women. 
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Podcast above aired on 6/12/17
Podcast below aired on 4/4/17
Monica Breaux PhD, MSW is a Catholic therapist and speaker who draws from her experience with hundreds of clients in therapy as she actively engages her audience during her lively interactive presentations. Everyone walks away with helpful, practical tips to increase their personal charity and mercy.

In her private practice she serves individuals, couples and families with a wide range of problems, but her expertise is in sexual addiction and the treatment of pornography compulsion. She was recognized for her contribution to the ongoing formation of priests in sexuality. She received national recognition as the 2010 Catholic Social Worker of the Year from the Catholic Social Workers National Association. Dr. Breaux has been a guest of Catholic media that are listed below. 
        [Listings in red are the programs explaining Wholly Men + Women]
  • ​The Catholic Conversation 
  • Catholic Phoenix podcast
  • Catholic Answers Live
  • The Good Fight  
  • Bishop’s Hour
  • Vocation Boom! 
  • Kresta in the Afternoon
  • Drew Mariani Show
  • The Morning Show
  • The Live Hour
  • Seize the Day
  • ​From the Home Front
  • Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie
  • Champions of the Truth TV
  • Don’s News & Comments TV
  • Shalom World TV
  • Women of Grace TV -- multiple times

Wholly   Men + Women